Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So far away.

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Sorry for the delay - had to find a suitably dorky picture via Google Image Search to represent us herbs (minus Caramanica) sitting around with laptops and blogging about a TV show.

9:00pm: No homo, but damn, Jin is a buff motherfucker. I mean, how did he get those killer pecs while he's stranded on a mysteri-- ohhh, we get it. He's been doing push-up's on Sun since he got back.

9:04pm: Babylon - "The house is gonna blow up."
9:05pm: House blows up.

9:10pm: Nice musical selection, Nina Gordon's "End of the World," in Kate's mama's seedy diner.

9:13pm: No-one bothered to dress up for Shannon's funeral, but at least Sayid got a jheri-curl.

9:14pm: More country classics, this a Patsy Cline reprise. Did the producers make a late-night television purchase of a Time-Life boxset?

9:20pm: Either Charlie's strung out, or he would be the worst grief counselor ever.

9:23pm: We're hoping that, after the movie, Eko & Michael & Locke stay up all night drinking cocoa with mini marshmallows and arguing over who's the cutest, Jack or Sawyer... or Bernard.

9:25pm: I can hardly believe it, but the panel here is telling me that's the first time Jack & Kate have kissed in the whole series. Maybe it's because they've been eye-fucking for like 30 episodes.

9:30pm: Eko's reaction to the film; another 40 days of silence. If he'd said he wanted to watch it again Locke probably would have tongue-kissed him.

9:40pm: Great, Eko's a Jehovah's Witne... Wait! Sweet! "Dharma Vid. 2, The Quickening."

9:46pm: Hugo "Jokesalot" Reyes, meta-commentator of Lost and speaker of our unspeakable racial stereotypes. 'Tis the season of jolly fat men, and Mystery Island makes no exceptions.

9:50pm: Odds aren't looking great that we'll get to see Eko's film tonight.

9:53pm: Sawyer is, apparently, some kind of weird Hate Vampire who feeds off the vitriol of others.

10:01pm: There is much rejoicing in the 815 camp at this moment. The fact that the producers decided to leave us with the missing scene from the film, and not corny-ass Kate petting a horse, or corny-ass alcoholic Jack on the rocks, means a lot to us. Beautiful.


And now we wait.

Until January 11th, 2006.


Guess we'll go read "The Black Stallion" now.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Guilty... of Being Hot

I will pray for that too...
Dear Lord Lindleoff,
I don't need to learn a damn thing about the numbers or the Dharma Initiative or Desmond or the Others or the monster or even the polar bears, but is it too much to ask that "What Kate Did" involve leather, near-nudity, mud-wrestling and/or a tub of hot oil? I mean, that makes sense right? That fits into this "character-driven" mystery drama, does it not? She's obviously a very naughty girl...

Seriously, I know they promised "illuminating," but Kate's flashbacks better be exciting too, because I don't know how much I can take of E Lily and what's-his-name-that-plays-Sawyer grunting out flirtatious verbal barbs in between his moans and groans and septic death rattles.
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Saturday, November 26, 2005


The folks over at The Tail Section done it again: check out the American and Canadian versions of the promos for next week's episode, "What Kate Did," and see why our neighbors to the North got it better than us... you know, like, aside from the health care and less tyrannical government. Careful of spoilers in the Canuck one, though...

Apologies for my lack of posts lately: spent the last week eating turkey and re-watching Season 1 (and the so-far of Season 2) in an attempt to rediscover my true feelings for Lost in these most trying times.

The blossoming friendship between my two favorite characters could do the trick...
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Friday, November 25, 2005


So this Aggie pledge-ritual field-trip crash lands on a desert island. Utilizing their exhaustive stores or agriculture know-how and plain old gumption, they set up camp and go on with all the traditional rituals and hazing.

The first night, around the campfire after dinner as the fellas all cuddled up with their girlfriends (see above), one strapping young lad stood up and yelled, "4!"

Everyone erupted in laughter.

The laughter died down and another corn-fed young man arose.

"8!" he yelled, and this time the laughter was uproarious.

When those guffaws had finally died down, yet another young man stood up, the fire of meat-judging ablaze in his eyes.

"How about this one... 15!" he shouted and the crowd lost it. Rolling in the sand, gasping for air, slapping their knees.

"15! No he didn't! Aww man... 15."

"16!" someone else hollered. "23!"

The laughter was uproarious

One young freshman--a sweet, simple lad--didn't get it.

"What the hey's going on here?" he finally asked. "why y'all keep yelling out numbers and then everybody's crackin' up?"

An older guy pulled himself away from his wooly lady friend and took the confused young man aside.

"It's an Aggie joke book," he informed. "We all know the book so well that we just yell out page numbers, and everybody knows the joke."

"Oh, alright, I get it!" the young fella beamed. "Watch this!"

He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Silence. Not a sound but the crickets chirping in the jungle and the waves crashing on the beach.

"I don't understand," he asked. "What happened?"

"Don't know what to tell ya, man," the older fella consoled, shaking his head. "Some folks just can't tell a joke."
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. See you soon.

Funky Meters ft. the JB Horns - "Pass the Peas"
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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sike. Eyeball.

Tensions have subsided over here in the dungeon of 815 World HQ, and we're now okay with the whole glass eye thing.

Sure there are a ton of other unanswered questions floating about--we've seen neither the black smoke, the black rock, nor the hatch and it's mysterious "Chernobyl"-like wall in a while, and I think the monster may have been cut from the cast for conduct unbecoming a murderous yet camera-shy dinosaur--but we are merely passengers on this here ride, and if those that are in charge need to, unnanounced and unexplained, throw out there another ------- weird-ass twist for everyone to obsess over, so be it.


In this spirit of forgiveness and acceptance, we've done a little detective work and, in a surely fruitless attempt to figure out exactly who might be the unlucky owner of the no longer offending prosthetic, put together a dossier of sorts.

The suspects:
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sports Guy

So what if he doesn't know Diamond D from the Mighty Diamonds, you gotta love Bill Simmons for dropping jewels like this into a NFL "Contenders and Pretenders" column...
Remember in "Lost" this week, when Ana Lucia climbed the mountain with the dude holding the radio, and it seemed like they were having a casual conversation, only she was sizing him up the whole time because she thought he might be one of The Others, and there was that weird intensity in her eyes, like she was trying to remain cool, only deep down, she was waiting for the guy to pounce on her so she could stab him ... and it just went on like that for about two minutes before they finally started fighting? Riveting scene, right?

Well, that's every Cowboys fan dealing with Drew Bledsoe right now. Stick a camera on a Cowboys fan when Bledsoe goes back to pass in a close game, and I guarantee they have the Ana Lucia Face going. Everything seems casual. But it's not.

Now, Bill, just stop telling us how the Smashing Pumpkins were as good as Nirvana, and we'll be straight.
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Original Sufferhead

Found a screencap of our good man Eko's cryptic stick. Blew it up and flipped it.

"...I WILL LORD E..." is all I can make out.

Except for this appropriately named Fela track, that's all I've got...

Fela Kuti - "Eko Ile I"
Anybody else?
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

There is something I have to do.

There's too much going on.

While something tells me that I could only be truly happy if Lost was running a 365-episode schedule, the current 24 already seem insufficient. We're only 7 deep, and already there are plots being stacked upon plots, more than could ever possibly be resolved by the spring. At least in the first season, there was a glimmer of hope that we'd know the score. Now, through interviews and intuition, we know that the creators are prepared to let the show run for 10 seasons if the ratings keep up.

The reason I mention all this? The glass eye. I mean, c'mon. Assholes.

With the Hatch out of the picture for the time being -- though the preview shows that we'll be down there next week -- and Locke being relegated to the role of Charlie's Keeper, my fascination has turned to Echo. 815's early posts document the staff's fascination with the man formerly known as Adebisi pretty well; he's just got that presence. Some Echo-centric observations from last night:

- The Others wanted Echo! Obviously, we've seen him to be a stand-up guy, but what do they know about him that makes him "good?"

- We couldn't see what the man was carving into his whuppin' stick, but it's obviously of some import.

- Motherfucker didn't talk for 40 days! How gully is that!? Kinda biblical, too, along with Echo in the white shirt pulling bodies from the water.

Oh, and the 'extended episode' was a sham. Who thought of that shit? Juve?
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Rolling Numbers

Not quite, but there aren't (that I'm aware of) any classic 70s rock LPs called "We Finally Find Out What Happened to the Other Side of the Plane Tonight."

You get the point.
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Monday, November 14, 2005

Let the Sunshine In

Thanks to the dedicated work of folks like those at thetailsection.com, where I grabbed the above screencap that clearly(?) shows a stab wound on Shannon's anorexic little belly, the Ana-didn't-shoot-her movement is steady gaining legitimacy.

Besides, Ana couldn't have done it...
What follows is technically a Spoiler, but I saw the pic in the Daily News last week, so it's hardly top secret. Once again, hi-lite the invisible text...
If you growed up the way she did, you gotsta understand, Ana love da kids...
Clarification, in case you missed it.
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Dan Rule Draws

Some guy named Dan lives in Japan and posts selections from his sketch-book up on the interwebs for our enjoyment. He did the above drawing in response to a Lost DVD marathon. Thanks, Dan.
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Friday, November 11, 2005

Art Forms of Nature

Bigspaceship1 finally updated, and the new look is a painting of a cool little Dharma-shaped creature which links to a website dedicated to the Natural Selection/Eugenics work of some Nazi-fave crackpot biologist, Ernst Haeckel. Fascinating stuff. The paintings are gorgeous. Here it is in English.

EDIT: It looks as if Bigspaceship1 is back to its old changing-up-the-steez-every-couple-of-hours tricks. It's now taking me here, to a propaganda painting of some snow-bound miners, part of a series entitled "Nationalistic Themes in the Art of North Korea."
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Lots of Love-making But No Love

Some new info has popped up over at thehansofoundation.org. Clicking on Life-Extension Project now brings up a letter about a 105 year old talking orangutan named Cornelius Joop.

The last line of the letter is a link to a page with some garbled text, two buttons, and a password prompt. I tried a few obvious ones, and "815" took me back to the Hanso Foundation homepage.

Anybody find anything else? What's up with that other button?
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sayid: Wrath of God

Damn. Sayid's about to get all Republican Guard on Ana and them tailies like they're some Kurdish villagers. Is there a worse person on the island to piss off than the professionally trained sadist?

What really happened, though? Why the Hell would Ana shoot a hysterical screaming blonde running through the brush with all the grace (Martha Graham, my ass) of a drunken buffalo? That's not the others' style. Ana seems like she knows how to handle a piece, and she certainly doesn't seem like the shook type. Anybody else think somebody else got Shannon, and Ana actually shot her attacker?

Is Sayid about to go jihad on the wrong infidel?

Poor fellow, I feel sorry for the guy. As soon as his "English Patient"-honed charms finally bedded his lady, she makes him get her a glass of water, sees a ghost, runs off in the jungle, refuses to shut the fuck up despite clear instructions to do so, and then gets shot. I just hope he doesn't hold her behavior against all blondes.

Anyway, here's Walt's backwards talk if you're interested.

Lil Drippy - "They're Coming and They're Close (Hearsed and Reversed Rewind Version)"
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank You M'am

Allright y'all. No more silly jokes and Trading Spouses videos; this actually is a spoiler, although a relatively minor one. Basically it gives a sneak peak at the former career of a previously unflashback-ified character. I don't think it reveals a whole lot about any ongoing mysteries, but it's pretty damn grown and sexy.

Hi-lite the invisible text...
M-Rod's a cop. Yikes. I don't think there's ever a good time to make an Abner Louima joke, but oh the things that woman could do...
and click away.
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Dot Dash

Bigspaceship1 step your game up! Almonds can't touch the legendary pink (green?) dots.
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lots of People Talking...

Possible Spoiler Alert!

Dunno why Herr Lemon hasn't posted this up yet, since he hooked me up with it last night, but anyway.

Rumor has it this is a deleted scene from last season (just watch, you'll see why) and if so it sheds quite a bit of light on some of the show's underdiscussed themes, from domestic disharmony to the possible presence of demons and their minions walking among us.

You have to see this to believe it.
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