Monday, November 14, 2005

Let the Sunshine In

Thanks to the dedicated work of folks like those at thetailsection.com, where I grabbed the above screencap that clearly(?) shows a stab wound on Shannon's anorexic little belly, the Ana-didn't-shoot-her movement is steady gaining legitimacy.

Besides, Ana couldn't have done it...
What follows is technically a Spoiler, but I saw the pic in the Daily News last week, so it's hardly top secret. Once again, hi-lite the invisible text...
If you growed up the way she did, you gotsta understand, Ana love da kids...
Clarification, in case you missed it.
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Sorry to wreck in conspiracy hopes, but the LOST producers in their podcast officially confirmed that Ana -did- indeed kill Shannon.

Check out thetailenders.com for the link to that podcast.

Darn, and it looked like it was getting interesting there..
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And now, for the tricky conspiracies and mysteries that might still be on the table!

My update on all things cooky.

Alright. Check it out.

bigspaceship1.com has updated once again.

Now it depicts a rat cut out of the earlier picture of the microscopic creature. (remember in the orientation video where it randomly said "rat!")

It links to

This site basically aids onlookers in seeing the activity of satellites up above. Interesting.

There is new title Morse Code, as well. Translated it is as follows:

Gazing slowly at the midnight star.

In the picture is a mouse and two stars up at midnight.

It is said that stars(or any stellar bodies, including satellites) are best seen when at midnight, as they are in complete opposition to the sun. So, a "midnight star" can be translated as both a literal constellation, a visible satellite, or something considered very clear or soon to be clear. Such as looking at some mystery that is near completion.

Other things of interest:

St. Bragnaine, the Mouse Star, is considered the "messenger of the heavens"

The Mouse is the leader of the Chinese Zodiac.
Combining both "the Yin and the Yang" with its four toes on front legs and five on each hind leg, it seems out of place with all other animals. Though almost a "split-personality" of sorts with both Yin and Yang, combined they make the Mouse, leader among all others.

Could the rumors be true that the two sides of the plane were the yin and the yang? Torn apart they fall to The Others, but together, they are the yin and the yang. A group greater than anything else.

The perfect race, one might construe.


-The Truth Tempest
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goto http://www.thehansofoundation.org/khr.html

enter Copenhagen as the password, a "secret" letter from the WHO
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Of course, that takes us to something we have connected to before, but still quite cool!

hm... there must be all sorts of passwords..
Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 9:48 AM  

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