Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sayid: Wrath of God

Damn. Sayid's about to get all Republican Guard on Ana and them tailies like they're some Kurdish villagers. Is there a worse person on the island to piss off than the professionally trained sadist?

What really happened, though? Why the Hell would Ana shoot a hysterical screaming blonde running through the brush with all the grace (Martha Graham, my ass) of a drunken buffalo? That's not the others' style. Ana seems like she knows how to handle a piece, and she certainly doesn't seem like the shook type. Anybody else think somebody else got Shannon, and Ana actually shot her attacker?

Is Sayid about to go jihad on the wrong infidel?

Poor fellow, I feel sorry for the guy. As soon as his "English Patient"-honed charms finally bedded his lady, she makes him get her a glass of water, sees a ghost, runs off in the jungle, refuses to shut the fuck up despite clear instructions to do so, and then gets shot. I just hope he doesn't hold her behavior against all blondes.

Anyway, here's Walt's backwards talk if you're interested.

Lil Drippy - "They're Coming and They're Close (Hearsed and Reversed Rewind Version)"
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 PM


I think Ana Lucia definitely shot Shannon, because Shannon was obviously shot, and we only heard one gunshot. However, I suppose Shannon could have been beset by some Other that Ana tried to shoot, and she missed, hitting Shannon. (or bullets pass straight through them, or whatever)
Blogger PaperTrail, at 2:01 PM  
She could have been stabbed.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 2:21 PM  
that's true, i suppose.... and it does seem like sawyer, michael, and jin would have yelled at ana not to shoot shannon. plus, ana was going through the jungle expecting to come upon other survivors, so it seems like she wouldn't have wasted her only shot on the first screaming blonde that came tearing through the underbrush.
Blogger PaperTrail, at 2:27 PM  
I did well on not coming here until I had seen the episode (I live far away and have to rely on the magic of the internet) ... now i know that there are no spoiler warnings here ... no damage done .. and I am kinda glad that they killed her off .. which should mean also no more flashbacks involving her or boome ... (unless we have a flashback of Jack doing 5 seconds of fear management with her) .. of .. so .. Jack was in that episode like 2 seconds??? wow ... someone needed a break ...

But honestly .. this episode was not that great ... it was all built on the big 'who dies' thing ... the pre title scare sequence was nice .. drippy Walt was good ... not enough Hurley this week .. the thing with the drug hobbit, Locke and mom-lady is kinda pointless ... yes .. it was just all about 'who dies'

I hope it is getting more interesting now ..
Blogger Peter, at 2:58 PM  
I am also quite suspicious of her shooting Shannon, considering the fact that we also know Ana is a -cop- and would probably know to handle a gun better than to shoot at the first thing that comes her way without clear visibility.

Interesting stuff.

Now, my own spiel of interesting stuff that I thought I might bring up.

I don't know if anyone has been current with bigspaceship1.com lately, but something just appeared which seems quite interesting.

The title of the page was as follows:
.- / -.. --- --. / .. ... / .- -. / -- .- -. / .- -. -.. / .- / -- .- -. / .. ... / .- / -.. --- --.

This translated through Morse Code means:
A dog is an man and a man is a dog.

hm... Vincent, anyone? Something tells me there is a nice clue in there. Though that is interesting, it was not the most interesting thing on the page. Included was an image of an eight-sided illustration of some sort. Some sort of creature. http://www.bigspaceship1.com/images/3.gif

Which leads me to where clicking on this picture took me. It took me here:
A site on Ernst Haeckel and his writings about the origins of species, along with pictures from a book of his depicting many ancient lifeforms. (anyone else notice the many natural connections with the octagon? Even that picture is a creature in the shape of the Dharma Project Octagon.)

If you are unfamiliar with Ernst Haeckel, as many are, he was an up and coming physician in the early 1900s who gave up the profession after reading Darwin's Origin of Species. He believed in a slightly different version or form of Darwin's theory of natural selection. He believed that the survival of races depended on their ability to interact with their environment; as certain races used their environments more and more, the "better" races would survive. He had a theory that applied environments could combine creatures, even people, into a higher species. (peak anyone's interest yet?)
He also believed at one time that all creatures, including humans, due to a state of our embryo during growth, came from one original creature that is oddly enough octagon-shaped..

Another interesting tidbit about Ernst Haeckel is that he was famously quoted by the Nazi party, using his quote "politics is applied biology" as a propoganda slogan. They not only quoted him, but used Haekel's justifications for racism, nationalism and social darwinism.

As a possible point of interest, we might remember that Alvar Honso was part of WWII when he was 18, and as a man stationed in a part of Europe then controlled by Nazi Germany, is it possible that Alvar Hanso himself picked up on these ideas? Maybe one day leading to the ultimate environmental test and the grandest show of human manipulation on an island in the deep Pacific? People raised and led to that point in time, and their offspring, the children, taken away from them. All for some "applied biology".

There is a connection there somewhere. Many followers of B.F. Skinner and Behavior Analysis believed in Haeckel's research(in the 1970s), seeing a connection between one's environment and the rise of a race. The idea of a supreme race, and utopia on earth.

Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 11:46 PM  
Wow. Those paintings on the Haeckel site are really cool.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 8:20 AM  
OK, check this out. I like Mr. Babylon's theory on Ana shooting Shannon's attacker rather than shooting Shannon. What about the tail-ender that came up missing in the ravine? Could it be another Ethan situation in which she had infiltrated their camp? Shannon did have a belly wound which seems to be the "others" style. Remember the body that Jin and Mr. Eco found in the jungle....belly wound
Blogger jdogg, at 8:47 AM  
So, of course, there is now a fervently asserted theory amongst LOST fans, (particularly Mrod fans I would bet), that Ana in fact did not shoot Shannon. Some, who claim to be in the know, are reporting that Shannon died at the hands of Danielle. These two pics would seem to support those theories. The pics are from within a few frames of one another and depict the fatal wound itself; clearly, this wound resembles more of an elongated stab then a bullet hit. Now is this just bad makeup that they thought would slip by, or proof of a bonafide island frame job? A few weeks will tell.

quoted from the tailsection.com

with pics!

the wound is NOT from a bullet!!!
Blogger Paul Morris, at 9:07 AM  
Pics where?
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 10:59 AM  
my geeky co-workers and myself think this:
1. shannon was not shot by ana (rouseau? or pottentially desmond?). shannon's injuries looked huge compared to what ana's little gun could do. but a shotgun...

2. it was pouring down rain where said and shannon were, but not where ana et al were, furthering notion that it was a visually spliced scene.

3. we all think walt is a key. good or bad, that kid is special. (and god did he grow over the hiatus or what). but imho i think someone was after walt and poor shan was in the way.
Blogger perfectoinsecto, at 1:51 PM  
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