Thursday, December 22, 2005

Don't leave me in the back of this car, papi.

You know you done fucked up, don't you?

I originally posted up about the M-Rod/Cynthia Watros (C-Wat?) DWI thing not because I thought it was a big deal, but because I'm secretly fascinated by the whole party-hardy, Hawaiian-island, hotshit-celebrity lifestyle, and because, frankly, those mugshots are mesmerizing.

Turns out, though, this story might have legs. First came word that Michelle, nobody's belle, threw a little tantrum upon her arrest.

"Why don't you just put a gun to my head and shoot me! You've already taken my freedom! You might as well take my life too!" she is purported to have told her arresting officers, and one can only dream that she delivered this fiery melodramatic spiel with the same dull, wooden demeanor she uses on-screen when she's "acting" similar "emotions."

Now comes word that this is Rodriguez' second DUI, and if convicted she could face actual jail-time. Some crappy magazine I've never read speculates that this could mean some serious re-writes of upcoming Lost episodes, which seems unlikely, seeing as how she's a wealthy Hollywood celebrity and ought to be able to afford the slimiestfinest in legal counsel and avoid the long arm of the law, but you never know.

You never know...
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Something! Anything! I guess...

I'm not even sure where this picture comes from, let alone whether or not it's legitimate, but shit, you got anything else Lost-related going on right now?

Me neither.

Neither do I know what the hell any of it is supposed to mean.

Playing cards corresponding to the numbers. A Dharma logo with the intials of our principal characters strategically scrawled on. A toy soldier. A bullet. $8.25. What's left of one of those Apple IIs from the hatch. A baby photo. Some dude's photo (Hanso?). Letters I'm too lazy to read. A compass. A microchip. Dogtags. Those damn books. Is that Desmond's bag? Is this all his crap? Shouldn't you be working?

When is the next episode already?
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

815 A shitload of links in lieu of more Lost.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


New clues on the Hanso Foundation website. Click on Alvar's picture.
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Too Much Jack's Tequila...

...too little tonic. (mugshots jacked from The Smoking Gun)

Ok, guys, seriously, next time there's a LOST Christmas party, the 815 staff would appreciate an invite. I'll even go ahead and volunteer Chris to be the designated driver, 'cause that's just the kind of dude I am.
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Sayid TV

Much like Hurley's rotund ass made it onto Korean television during Jin's Season 1 flashback, Sayid was on TV in the US Army recruiting office Kate dipped into to see her "dad."

Cool, I guess. The swarthy and hirsute (yet sexy!) are criminally underrepresented in the media, so any facetime is a good look. Narratively, though, it doesn't make a lot of sense. What channel are they watching, some sort of closed-circuit Pentagon torture feed?

Is that how LOST thinks they get our best and brightest to sign their lives away on that dotted line? Shouldn't they be watching dudes rock-climbing, jumping out of airplanes, and returning home to sneer condescendingly at their wimpy, loser, friends?
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

January 11th, 2006. Six weeks. 40 days. Here's another country classic to help you through the dark, frigid, LOST-less days. Stay strong.

"If We Make It Through December" - Merle Haggard
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