Friday, October 21, 2005

How To Move Them

Let's be honest, Episode 5: ...And Found was a bit of a yawner. Props to Lindelof et al, though, for having the balls to stick to their "it's all about character" guns and give us an epsiode almost completely devoid of meaningful action or plot-development despite the fact that the next episode is three weeks away. (Quite the next-level cop-out, however, revealing new Dharma logos and whatnot via the interwebs).

I liked the Sun/Jin back-story (him being an ambitious country-boy cum frustrated populist-hero cum ruthless mobster is playing into all kinds of dope Rhygin/Pretty Boy Floyd archetypes,) but it didn't seem to reveal much of anything about any of our ongoing mysteries. Perhaps there is a Boston connection between Sun's uninterested Mr. Perfect and one of the female characters, and perhaps Jin's dickhead boss at the hotel has some nefarious Hanso Foundation/international weapons trade connections or something, but who knows?

We didn't learn much back on the island either. We knew Adebisi Mr. Echo was a badass, now we know he's a stand-up fellow as well. Ana Lucia... still tough, still a bitch. The only real new information was our brief glimpse of The Others, or The Others' muddy cankles to be more precise. This brief, obscured by shrubbery, view revealed a few interesting things... I'm seeing these folks as kind of "Children of the Corn" types but more similar to the desert-dwelling, water-preserving, worm-riding Fremen in DUNE; they are dangerous, they are masters of their physical environment, they are in control of a valuable secret, and they are fundamentally misunderstood.
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the young legs with "too short pants" and teddy bear when walking past Mr Echo and Jin, made me think of the old airplane wreck seems it was a old prop plane from yester-year. My thought was when I put both together it reminded me of "Lord of the Flies"...I'm probably way off
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Aww, I like the character stories. Am I the only one?

I thought the Others might be descendants of the Black Rock ship, but their pants were too new and clean for that. Plus the shaven legs thing.
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