Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sports Guy

So what if he doesn't know Diamond D from the Mighty Diamonds, you gotta love Bill Simmons for dropping jewels like this into a NFL "Contenders and Pretenders" column...
Remember in "Lost" this week, when Ana Lucia climbed the mountain with the dude holding the radio, and it seemed like they were having a casual conversation, only she was sizing him up the whole time because she thought he might be one of The Others, and there was that weird intensity in her eyes, like she was trying to remain cool, only deep down, she was waiting for the guy to pounce on her so she could stab him ... and it just went on like that for about two minutes before they finally started fighting? Riveting scene, right?

Well, that's every Cowboys fan dealing with Drew Bledsoe right now. Stick a camera on a Cowboys fan when Bledsoe goes back to pass in a close game, and I guarantee they have the Ana Lucia Face going. Everything seems casual. But it's not.

Now, Bill, just stop telling us how the Smashing Pumpkins were as good as Nirvana, and we'll be straight.
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