Friday, November 11, 2005

Art Forms of Nature

Bigspaceship1 finally updated, and the new look is a painting of a cool little Dharma-shaped creature which links to a website dedicated to the Natural Selection/Eugenics work of some Nazi-fave crackpot biologist, Ernst Haeckel. Fascinating stuff. The paintings are gorgeous. Here it is in English.

EDIT: It looks as if Bigspaceship1 is back to its old changing-up-the-steez-every-couple-of-hours tricks. It's now taking me here, to a propaganda painting of some snow-bound miners, part of a series entitled "Nationalistic Themes in the Art of North Korea."
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some more weird websites:


Blogger Zappa, at 11:08 AM  
I already looked into those, Zappa. Seem to just be promotional sites for the movie The Island.

Nice of you to note the goings ons at bigspaceship1.

Now, to what has just been recent!

The disease referred to in the letters.

meningococcal disease

meningitis, eh?


Anyone else notice on the Hanso site when you look in the source on that new garbled page? It says at one spot:
-- LOL H4x0r3d!!1 --

Are they possibly implying that someone "haxored" them? ha.

Also, the submit button seems to have references to datestamps, which seem to be the list of numbers down at the bottom of the source code. As listed:
Regardless, that submit button's current only function is to go back one in the java history; basically meaning that it shall always send you back to that front Hanso Foundation page. Still, there is a "password" which technically could lead to something different. Though, whether there is an assigned password is certainly debatable.

The button below it has no values passed to it and is simply a button placeholder of sorts. So, technically, it has no function and currently there is no understandable purpose for it.

As for the posters... Well, maybe they are intent on pushing the idea of Alvar Hanso's influence in world affairs, including possibly supplying the North Koreans. Or something less obvious(or more so), that there is something about mining. (or simply Jin hints... who knows.)

May the valiant search live on!
(not to mention Ana totally didn't shoot her. She's a cop for goodness sakes. She knew a gun wouldn't stop one of them anyway.)
Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 1:00 PM  

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