Monday, November 21, 2005

Sike. Eyeball.

Tensions have subsided over here in the dungeon of 815 World HQ, and we're now okay with the whole glass eye thing.

Sure there are a ton of other unanswered questions floating about--we've seen neither the black smoke, the black rock, nor the hatch and it's mysterious "Chernobyl"-like wall in a while, and I think the monster may have been cut from the cast for conduct unbecoming a murderous yet camera-shy dinosaur--but we are merely passengers on this here ride, and if those that are in charge need to, unnanounced and unexplained, throw out there another ------- weird-ass twist for everyone to obsess over, so be it.


In this spirit of forgiveness and acceptance, we've done a little detective work and, in a surely fruitless attempt to figure out exactly who might be the unlucky owner of the no longer offending prosthetic, put together a dossier of sorts.

The suspects:
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