Friday, November 04, 2005

Dot Dash

Bigspaceship1 step your game up! Almonds can't touch the legendary pink (green?) dots.
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


I couldn't find your e-mail, but I felt if you hadn't seen these before, they might be worth checking out.

They seem to allude to the possibility of human cloning in LOST and the idea of a new world. Check it out.

It's a collection of links all found within eachother.








Interesting stuff. Haven't tried the phone numbers or e-mails yet. All just showed up today.

Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 11:14 AM  
The merrick Biotech and clonewatch are promotional sites for the movie "the Island"
Blogger Dust, at 2:42 PM  
True, Dust, but according to the websites, merrick is a company owned by the pb-sales. Pb-sales has also supposedly just purchased the company Oceanic Airlines, from LOST. Probably a mix of using the old The Island company for some alternative means in the ARG of LOST. Globespotter.com connects to that site, the Hanso Foundation, and has tons of repetitions of the LOST numbers. So, it is at least worth looking into. (the same for oceanicworldair.com and pb-sales.com)
Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 5:27 PM  
That's crazy. Hopefully a Scarlett Johansson crossover is in the works! Hey, a man can dream.
Blogger Dust, at 11:26 AM  
ha. Indeed. Dreams are a many splendored thing.
Blogger The Truth Tempest, at 11:55 AM  
M2Saint-TheTruthTempest: That's some weird links! But none of them derive from any clearly official Lost site do they? Some of them origin from (the changed) www.mrclucks.com, but that page earlier also stated explicitly that it was non-official. Damn those fake fictionary lost sites! Plain fictionary is enough I say. The situation clearly calls for heavy internet regulation. Or at least an official .lost domain.

When rewatching the Michael-comes-to-get-Walt-episode, one scene shot Michael a bit from the ground up, thus showing an octagon shaped ceiling very clearly. Octagon as in Dharma logo shaped.

That feeds this conspiracy: maybe that Walts step father Brian is connected to Dharma. Remember that Vincent was Brians dog, which Michael decided (on his own it seems) that Walt could keep.
Blogger sensa, at 1:43 AM  
re: the octagon above Mike's head...

I think that is just an example of really nice framing/scene-composition (one of the less talked about but most impressive aspects of Lost,) perhaps with an effort to employ certain patterns, shapes, and other visual references to the i-ching and what-not. It's dope, but I don't know that it means anything specific.

That said, Brian as a Dharma connection is a good thought, and I'd bet there's definitely more to Vincent than we know so far.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 9:04 AM  

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