Friday, November 11, 2005

Lots of Love-making But No Love

Some new info has popped up over at thehansofoundation.org. Clicking on Life-Extension Project now brings up a letter about a 105 year old talking orangutan named Cornelius Joop.

The last line of the letter is a link to a page with some garbled text, two buttons, and a password prompt. I tried a few obvious ones, and "815" took me back to the Hanso Foundation homepage.

Anybody find anything else? What's up with that other button?
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


I checked the actual HTML for that page. The second (unlabeled) button doesn't do anything. Its just a regular button.

Also of note, in the HTML right before the buttons, there is this:

LOL H4x0r3d!!1

There is also javascript code on the page that checks what you enter into the text box. Depending on what values you enter, either (a)nothing happens
(b)you return to the main hanso page or
(c) that garbled text gets removed and the text becomes readable.

The text is this:
You do not have permission to access this data. Access to information on this project is restricted to authorized employees of The Hanso Foundation and upper-tier board members of The Hanso Holding Company.
For further information please contact The Hanso Foundation Public Relations Department.
Thank you. Namaste. Good Luck.

The javascript code basically just checks to see if you have entered a certain set of numbers in reverse order. No idea if there is any significance to the numbers but here they are:

Set A: 110,101,103,97,104,110,101,112,111,67

Set B: 102,105,103,46,111,104,119,95,114,116,108,47,115,101,103,97,109,105

I think I've spent more time now analyzing this javascript than my own code at work.
Blogger Jones, at 8:52 AM  
The JavaScript actually converts those numbers into ASCII characters. It checks that you typed in a certain phrase, then shows a specific image.

So type "Copenhagen" into the box and click the Submit button. It will display a secret memo written two days earlier: images/ltr_who.gif
Blogger Noah, at 7:02 PM  
That's weird. I could be wrong (and I probably am...) but the javascript looks a little different now than it did yesterday. At least, I didn't notice the stuff with the images before.
Blogger Jones, at 5:19 AM  

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