Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The song Charlie was singing to at Jin in last week's episode (as Jin toiled away catching dinner in the surf) was a Kinks tune called "He's Evil," all about a smooth talking, con-man, pickup-artist type who is, underneath all that slick, actually evil. An intriguing thought, no? Who could Charlie be singing about? You know what I think, but the possibilities are as endless as the list of male cast-members.

We'd love to share the tune with you, in convenient mp3 format and everything, except for one small problem; it sucks. Ray Davies wrote dozens and dozens of great songs, but he churned out quite a few stinkers as well, and "He's Evil" is down there with the worst of them, Bad Saxophone Solo and all.

Don't fret though, dear reader, we've got something else for that ass, a Kinks song that is actually good. Really good. It's apropos too, being a melancholy yet rousing lament about an airplane (or perhaps it's a spaceship?) flight with an unknown destination. It even begins with trippy jet sounds!

"This Time Tomorrow" - The Kinks
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Recent events would seem to suggest that Charlie was singing about Locke. Right?
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