Friday, September 30, 2005

Who's Bad?


A theory.

Not of the “they’re all clones, the numbers are a gene-sequence, the island is a time-machine, the ‘others’ are actually a renegade Burning Man/Renaissance Fair offshoot who brought Oceanic Flight 815 down with their collective (and psychotropically enhanced) desire to see Kate dance around a drum-circle while topless and slathered with body-paint” variety, though. No, this is a simpler, more character-driven proposal.

Jack is evil. Seriously. He’s our bad guy.

He started off cool enough, barking “Sew me up woman, that’s all you’re good for anyway…” or something to that effect at Kate and then getting down to business rescuing folks, but it’s been all downhill from there. That moment of macho bravado right after the plane crashed was the peak of Jack’s likability. Not a good look.

Is there any other character on LOST as hard to root for as Jack?

Whiney and weak-willed Charlie, pompous and pernicious Locke, even surly and slimey Sawyer--all have displayed various qualities of warmth or humor or enough empathy at least that I wouldn't slit my wrists with a rusty coconut if forced to spend time trapped on island with one of them.

Jack's a straight dick, though. Let's review: Jack was found separate from the rest of the survivors when the plane crashed. Jack, the doctor, has to force back his gag reflex in order to say something encouraging to a patient. Jack, the “Shephard” of his band of survivors, wanted to ignore the mysterious man-made hatch on the supposedly deserted island where he and his flock are marooned. That seems like poor “vision” from the man in charge, no? What’s next, he cuts funding for the levees protecting the island’s impoverished 9th Ward? Jack could have bagged Kate long ago but for some reason decided that whilst castaway on a deadly-yet-picturesque tropical beach with a total babe making goo-goo eyes was the wrong time to bust a move. Say what?

All this is not an accident on the writers’ part. The guy is unlikable for a reason. He’s evil.

He's Evil Jack.

The Frogs - "I'm Evil Jack"
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


interesting theory. i agree that jack is a dick. i've been giving him shit since he shot kate down. what's wrong with some castaway lovin?
Blogger jesse, at 12:53 PM  
Agreed, who could resist Kate but a psychotic madman hell-bent on screwing all the other survivors over.. or a homosexual. Whichever of those people he is, I hate him.
Blogger lostfan, at 12:29 AM  

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