Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How long has it been? What's this blog about again?

Seriously, when the people nerdy enough to devote their time and energy to an intertron weblog about a television show actually forget what happened last in said show and aren't sure if they even care it's safe to say you've lost momentum.

Word is LOST execs are panicking over rumors that a guy from one of the many messageboards even went on a date! (In actuality, he sat at home and got totally into "Sleeper Cell" on FX, but he did read Neil Strauss' The Game, which is a start and still has the suits sweating.)

Back to the topic at hand, though, which is... right... LOST. Not that much has happened since that magical November night five weeks ago when Kate's My Little Pony ushered us into these December doldrums.

There is supposedly some kind of website out there where you can get emails from and even chat with Doctor Marvin Candle, but, sorry Doc, we’ve got football games to get hype for.

LOST and its expansive cast were the recipients of many a year-end award (and a couple of other citations,) but strangely, and despite our consistently superior performance in all facets of the bullshitting on the internet game--not to mention the all-powerful presence of phantom member Jon C--yours truly at Flight815 were summarily ignored when it came to 2005 kudos. For shame, arbiters of arbiters of cool, for shame.
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