Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Sorry for the delay - had to find a suitably dorky picture via Google Image Search to represent us herbs (minus Caramanica) sitting around with laptops and blogging about a TV show.

9:00pm: No homo, but damn, Jin is a buff motherfucker. I mean, how did he get those killer pecs while he's stranded on a mysteri-- ohhh, we get it. He's been doing push-up's on Sun since he got back.

9:04pm: Babylon - "The house is gonna blow up."
9:05pm: House blows up.

9:10pm: Nice musical selection, Nina Gordon's "End of the World," in Kate's mama's seedy diner.

9:13pm: No-one bothered to dress up for Shannon's funeral, but at least Sayid got a jheri-curl.

9:14pm: More country classics, this a Patsy Cline reprise. Did the producers make a late-night television purchase of a Time-Life boxset?

9:20pm: Either Charlie's strung out, or he would be the worst grief counselor ever.

9:23pm: We're hoping that, after the movie, Eko & Michael & Locke stay up all night drinking cocoa with mini marshmallows and arguing over who's the cutest, Jack or Sawyer... or Bernard.

9:25pm: I can hardly believe it, but the panel here is telling me that's the first time Jack & Kate have kissed in the whole series. Maybe it's because they've been eye-fucking for like 30 episodes.

9:30pm: Eko's reaction to the film; another 40 days of silence. If he'd said he wanted to watch it again Locke probably would have tongue-kissed him.

9:40pm: Great, Eko's a Jehovah's Witne... Wait! Sweet! "Dharma Vid. 2, The Quickening."

9:46pm: Hugo "Jokesalot" Reyes, meta-commentator of Lost and speaker of our unspeakable racial stereotypes. 'Tis the season of jolly fat men, and Mystery Island makes no exceptions.

9:50pm: Odds aren't looking great that we'll get to see Eko's film tonight.

9:53pm: Sawyer is, apparently, some kind of weird Hate Vampire who feeds off the vitriol of others.

10:01pm: There is much rejoicing in the 815 camp at this moment. The fact that the producers decided to leave us with the missing scene from the film, and not corny-ass Kate petting a horse, or corny-ass alcoholic Jack on the rocks, means a lot to us. Beautiful.


And now we wait.

Until January 11th, 2006.


Guess we'll go read "The Black Stallion" now.
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