Monday, January 23, 2006


This LOST shit is deep. Or not.

In a move clearly designed as a direct message to yours truly, the music-nerd staff of this here Flight815 blog, last week's "The Hunting Party" episode featured a scene with two dorky guys listening to records and talking (rather pathetically, mind you) about girls.

So we've been called out, that's obvious, but in typical LOST fashion the message is cryptic if not downright incomprehensible. Let's examine what we do know.

The LPs:

Geronimo Jackson - Macna Carta
This fictional record by a fictional hippie looking band with an apparent penchant for fuzzy photographs and stupid fonts appears to be nothing more than a red-herring. (It's a good name, though. Geronimo, of course was the badass Apache warrior who fought and evaded the US Army--led by a notorious sadist who would later be on the $20 dollar bill, Andrew Jackson--for years upon years in the mountains that now make up the Gila National Wilderness. It's also suspiciously close to the names of Clyde Geronimi and Wilfrid Jackson, the two gentlemen who directed ABC parent-company Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan," both possible LOST inspirations.)

Pousette-Dart Band - Amnesia
Hmm. A reltively obscure 1977 record from a forgotton and pretty terrible AOR/MOR countryish light-rock band. The "depressing" song played was "Fall on Me." (YouSendIt link because there's no way we're wasting bandwidth on this pap.)

Ooklah the Moc - (title unknown)
Contemporary Hawaiian reggae named after the wookie-looking dude on 1980s Saturday morning cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian. These guys started off as a reggae/hardcore band a la Bad Brains, but (no pop, no style) are now Strictly Roots in a Steel Pulse sort of fashion.

Those were the only records we've been able to indentify so far. There were also a couple of covers that somebody ought to be able to identify, a sleeve with the words "???? to the world" and another featuring a photograph of some androgynous looking somebody, along with what appeared to be a LaFace 12" sleeve (the record inside, however, had a red label with yellow print. ARC? Columbia?)

The conclusion one must draw from these obscure titles could not be more obvious; it's a backhand to the grill. These records don't mean anything. We can draw no conclusions about D.H.A.R.M.A. aesthetic values from this stack of dusty grooves. They aren't clues, they're whatever crap some AD dug up at some Hawaiian AmVets or Salvation Army, common dollar bin bullshit.

What a tease. If the fact that there's a local Hawaiian reggae band among the unimpressive bunch wasn't proof enough, the hole in the corner of the Amnesia cover ought to seal it.

Pousette Dart Band? Come now, really? I'm a Seals & Croft fan. I think Fairport Convention kick ass. Hell, I even ----- with some James Taylor on occasion. Pousette-Dart band? I'm not trying to hear that.
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