Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Old enough to know better...

Wow. It’s been a while, huh? Chalk it up to mama-infused manners, because there just hasn’t been a whole lot nice to say since we stopped giving a shit about Lost.

As if the interminable breaks between new episodes weren’t enough, the writers had to go and fall the fuck off, becoming seemingly incapable of stringing two decent episodes together in a row. Seriously, that Sawyer episode? Might as well have been peeled off the cutting room floor over in the basement of whatever YMCA men’s shelter they make JAG C.I.S.

Anyway, though, the only thing nerdier than a blog about a television show is a bitchy blog about a television show, so enough of all that.

So the Lost–centered email trains have trailed off. The episode-night beer-swigging, takeout-ordering get-togethers seem more effort than they’re worth. Even the guilt-ridden furtive forays to into the dirty, dirty world of Lost message-boards have stopped.

Not that we’ve given up altogether. We did rather enjoy watching Sun and Jin slither around in various states of undress, not to mention speculating about Sun’s suspicious pregnancy—I say if it’s that other Korean guy’s kid she should keep her mouth shut, if it’s Michael’s she might ought to say something to Jin.

Even if this week’s episode sucks, stayed tuned over here, I actually went out of my way to read a couple of the supposedly portentous books none-too-subtly displayed throughout the show (hey, whadayaknow, there actually is something nerdier than bitching about a TV show on your blog), and a report on a few of them soon come.
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