Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stone Cold Badass

While last night's LOST assuredly got the fanbois and gulls going nuts about that long, hard, long overdue look at "the smoke" (and the images contained therein,) we here at Flight815 headquarters are all atwitter about Mr. Eko's "City of God"-esque backstory.

Hard. As. Fuck.

With its dusty, sunwashed vistas, sudden and shocking violence, and Adebisi's giant, swaggering, slow-burning presence, this was clearly the most interesting backstory we've gotten yet. Give us a few more lines like, "You live in a world where rightousness and evil are very far apart... that is not the real world," and we'd be happy if the rest of the season was just further adventures of Eko the murderous Nigerian warlord.

So many questions remain. How did he rise from over-grown young punk to HNIC? Did his brother really have to snitch to the army? Where was that heroin going? Did I really just write HNIC? How'd his gunmen get the balls to to kick Eko out the plane? How'd that plane get from Nigeria to The Island, and did Eko know it was the same place? And finally, how come he abandoned those dapper-ass braids?

Who wants to help us lobby for a spin-off?
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 PM


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