Saturday, January 07, 2006

Say what?

We're reeling here. This is shocking on so many levels.

Apparently Sayid aka Naveen Andrews, while seperated from his longtime girlfriend, fathered a love-child. Not such a big deal, right? Naveen's a sultry, strapping brother, and he's probably still cashing in weepy groupie residuals off that whole "English Patient" thing. Just, you know, wrap it up next time, dude.

Here's the shocker; the longtime girlfriend he was stepping out on was Barbara Hershey. Who? Barbara Hershey.

You might remember her (if you can get past the image of David Carradine's bulbous nutsack) as the sexy-dangerous title character in "Boxcar Bertha," Martin Scorsese's first movie. Way back in 1973. If perhaps that is a little before your time (Chris) you might remember her in "The Right Stuff," or "The Natural," or "Hoosiers," or a bunch of other stuff from a long, long time ago.

So Naveen likes his women on the experienced side . She's 57. He's 36. Although, in all fairness, more than just well preserved, she still looks pretty hot.

So whatever. It really ain't no thing. It's not nearly as weird as this...

What's going on here, a Mystery Island Ren Fair? Are they selling giant turkey legs? Will Locke run around tossing little foam balls at Eko while yelling, "Spell! Spell! Lightning bolt!"?

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