Monday, January 09, 2006

Bun B Loves LOST!

First track on the highly essential Houston for Dummies Mix CD from DJs Ayres and JD is an introductory drop from legendary TEXAS lyrical don Bun B. On it he expresses his fondness for the television series LOST, the very subject of this here blog!

We whole-heartedly recommend you go ahead and buy the CD (seriously), but just to whet your whistle, here's a transcript of Bun's words:
This your boy Bun B reppin' UGK for life. Free Pimp C*, baby, and you know we gettin' it in for you square L sumthin' never been nowhere hidin' under a rock on an island like LOST motherfuckers...
He goes on to further extoll the virtues of Ayres and JD's fine compilation, and then Tony Montana comes in via sample on the Geto Boys "Balls and My Word," and that's that.

So maybe it's not exactly a pledge of undying love and devotion, but if we were JJ and Lindleoff and them we'd be honored just to have our name in the big guy's mouth.

Tantalizingly, and in addition to being an excuse for us to hype a dope CD, this raises the face-melting possibility of a heretofore entirely unheard of meaning to the phrase "draped up and dripped out."

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