Friday, October 28, 2005

Smoke Dog Baby

Lack of new episodes to prattle on about has reduced us to that most desperate of blogger tactics, posting animated gifs.

Cool innit? Yerp. What's the general consensus about this smoke stuff, anyway? Poison cloud? Swarms of nano-bots? Noxious fumes from the french lady's unkempt bunker?

Nano-bots are awesome, but you'd think that if some genius was capable of developing something as badass as that, they could get them to do something besides flying around and uprooting foliage.

Going way back now, what's going on here?

Is that an early version of the smoke, before the producers fully nailed down the idea, or is it something else entirely? It looks like a turbo-charged magic-destructo-carpet to me, but I'm having a hard time fitting that into what we know so far of the narrative.
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


Think about it... Al Qaeda + Bin Laden = Al-Laden, or "Aladdin". Think about it....who else has access to magic carpet technology AND hates airplanes?

PS Happy birthday, Mr. B.
Blogger PaperTrail, at 12:07 PM  
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Blogger sensa, at 1:37 PM  
Neat, I hadn't seen that carpet thingy.

A suggestion: why not utilize the boring waiting time until next episode by rewatching, and re-commenting, on season 1?

You guys could open up a new post on each episode every few days. And then everyone can chip in with comments on new clues, things they missed the first time around and so on.
Blogger sensa, at 1:38 PM  
If anyone should find this message, please get word I'm alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they're getting worse...I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents.

Odd, eh? I found this in the source code for OCEANIC AIR. When viewed in Safari OS X, the text pops up. What is that all about?
Blogger Claude Zeins, at 2:03 PM  
Some great work on those animated gifs ... makes me want to go back and rewatch the pilot (need to do something until the next episode) . I mean, did you see that carpet thing first time around ??? (Then again, I saw the Dharma logo on the shark right away) ... hmm ..

Have you guys discussed yet what the big invisible, smokey king kong thing is that pulled Locke ??? that thing that ate the pilot and makes trees shake ??

and what the heck is that sickness that people are supposed to be getting ??

(sorry, sat through a 1 week marathon and finally I am up to speed with LOST )
Blogger Peter, at 3:17 AM  
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Blogger WDM Info Services, at 7:24 AM  
man all these animated GIFs and you dont have the "KOREAN OUT OF NOWHERE" one yet?

i definately dont remmeber that crazy smoke thing blowing up the engine in the first episode...... wtf....and i know i saw the pilot like everytime they aired it (what 3-4 times?) anyone wanna bet that they tweaked the entire first season for the DVDs????
Blogger Audio Student, at 11:06 PM  
What's "Korean out of nowhere?" I'd look it up but I'm too busy surfing this aesome NFL Cheerleader Blog!
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 4:04 AM  
The first time I saw the magic carpet thing I thought it was just plane debris that coincided with the explosion. When you see that scene in the full context there is a lot of crap flying around. But on the British Lost site (which is bad ass) in the Locke section they seem to draw a pretty solid correlation between the black smoke and the magic carpet object. And I’m assuming that it’s all tied into the column of black smoke that was pulling Locke underground that someone mentions above.

Nanites seem a little too Star Treky advanced. Maybe something to do with magnetism? During the Orientation film it looked like DeGroot was having some luck with some black chunky stuff. Maybe the Dharma initiative had a better luck once they got that stuff in a powder form?
Blogger den, at 9:14 AM  
Claude Zeins: You missed a name that's also embedded in the html source (right after "they're getting worse..."): "Sally".

Audio Student: no, the carpet thing was in the orig tv eps. I've just rewatched e01-05 (tv rip downloads) and it's there. They even put that carpet and exploding motor part in a trailer! Clearly, they're teasing us.

The carpet looks more eagle or big bird shaped in the first frames.

Nanobots seems a bit too high tech. I'm pushing the idea that it's an invisibility device combined with plain old machinery (eh, and maybe a few magic carpets for backup).

Another thing: In s01e04 Locke sees the "big forest thing". The scene is partially shot from the forest things eye view - look here . So he's already clearly seen it. But he does not reveal much about what he saw. Why not?
Blogger sensa, at 2:12 PM  
maybe the nanobots or whatever got control of Locke when he saw them out there in the jungle. it never was fully explained how he got away, was it? maybe he is working for them now. it would explain his drive and his seeming prescience. maybe that sort of mind control is the mysterious sickness?
Blogger PaperTrail, at 9:44 AM  

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