Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Internet Crap

A "new" Hanso film has surfaced, you can check it out here. If you believe it, it seems to reveal the rest of the Dharma logos along with a bunch of cryptic scientific jargon about what the different projects do.

Despite some obvious mistakes (two station #5s,) if it's a fake, it's a good one.

I'm inclined to believe that at least some of these unverifiable internet clues are legitimate (or legitimate red herrings, at least.) The writers would have to be stupid--and they aren't--not to capitalize on the viral marketing bonanza of all this internet buzz; it's cheap, it's easy, it's effective, and it's not nearly as obnoxious as imbedding clues in "Invasion" or something, forcing us obsessives to watch that crap too.
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


Yep, this one looks official. Compared to that lottery one, at least. (The fact that "Ty Webb" is the main character in Caddyshack substracts a fair amount of credibility from the lottery site...)

What's your source for the new film? It didn't originate on rapidshare did it?

Oh, and the bearded man at the end looks a lot like one of the pirates.
Blogger sensa, at 2:58 PM  
Found it in Television Without Pity forums while browsing our referral logs, dunno where it originated. Good question.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 4:10 PM  
Here's the thread...
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 5:20 PM  

I guess this could be interpreted as the new video being fake ...or else it's just another move in the creative game.

Either way, I'm loving this more and more. What a cleverly detailed show! What extra watching value they add through it's make up! What has me hooked for the moment is more the possible connections between the characters, than the mystery of the island itself. (By the way, someone claimed that Hurleys fast food boss is later Lockes boss at the box company.)
Blogger sensa, at 2:25 AM  
This vid is posted by Walt Disney Internet Group. I think that makes it official
Blogger jdogg, at 9:43 AM  

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