Monday, October 10, 2005

Lords of Chaos

Thanks to Henrik, our man in Norway, we now know the location of the buildings seen in the Orientation video (and perhaps in the photo of Desmond and his lady-friend.) The buildings are in the small town of Narvik, Norway, and the mysterious Alvor Hanso is thought to be a local politician and the father of a local footballer.

A great piece of detective work, but it can't possibly mean shit. Can it? LOST producers just grabbed some obscure and suitably creepy stock-footage. Right? I hope so. If there's a Black Metal connection I'm out of here. Babylon don't mess with no Count Grishnakh.
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Here's something weird. Some devotees of Black Metal, according to Amazon.com's description of "Lords of Chaos", want to bring back Quisling's Universism.

Quisling named his pseudo-religion after a term he read in a book about Taoism written by J.J.M. deGroot!
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Great clue here. A quote from DeGroot on his "Universism" seems to have implications on the purpose of the clock:
"the conviction that all norms of human activity are grounded in the original law of the world and the heavens and can be directly derived from it. Only he who knows the course of the heavens and of time and who orders his activity accordingly–only he who has learned how to center his doings around fixed dates, months, and days–can properly accomplish his human career. (Cassirer II, 114-115)."
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