Saturday, October 08, 2005

Locke says we have to.

A hidden link at the bottom of the list of projects on the "Active Projects" page of the Hanso Foundation website allows one, if one is so inclined, to watch the Dharma Initiative training film.

Upon repeat viewing I was struck, amidst all the corpro-pharmaceutical imagery, by the somewhat anomalous appearance of the two granola-type University of Michigan doctors. Could they be the same people as Walt's kidnappers, the Southern Rock Uhzzahs?

UPDATE: Click here for a photoshopped comparison-collage (thanks Henrik).

Incidentally, Alvor Hanso is an anagram for Lava Horns, which has nothing to do with any LOST mysteries, but does seem to indicate that the University of Texas football Longhorns will stomp a mudhole in the Oklahoma Sooners this afternoon in the Red River Shootout.
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Personally, I believe it is all just an experiment. Think about it:
If the world were really going to end if the clock wasn't reset every 108 minutes, why would the institute simply leave a short, indescriptive video, Then put their trust in a couple of people on an island instead of just paying someone to do it, or doing it themselves.
It is probably some sort of psychological experiment to see if the button will really be pressed, nothing more.
Blogger master, at 10:48 AM  
UT pwn3d OU

been a long time coming too
Blogger Arnold, at 4:36 PM  
Then again, how do you explain the chewed-up pilot?
Blogger Lemon-Red, at 4:36 PM  
Blogger Henrik, at 11:48 PM  
It seems like part of the instuctionvideo was shot in Norway. The town of Narvik to be exact. The theory of one norwegian newspaper is that it is archive footage from a newsstory in the 80s. The link is in norwegian but you can at least see and compare the fotos of Narvik today and footage from the video. The newspaper think that the man who appears to be Hanso in the video actually is a local politician (the building is the city hall). The guy interviewed is the politicians son who is the coach of a norwegian football (that would be soccer to you guys) team in their top division.

Blogger Henrik, at 7:36 AM  

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