Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Just got back from a trip down to my dirty homeland of GA where I discovered that LOST enthusiasm crosses all sorts of geographic and cultural barriers. From the frazzled, travel-weary, redneck denizens of the Nascar-themed Miller Lite Victory Lap airport bar to the laid-back CDr-pushing fellows at Supersounds, everybody's talking Locke and Dharma and Ana Lucia and Adebisi and y'all cluckity-cluck-cluck, y'hear.

Even the frumpily dressed indie-rock chicks in Athens were fired up about the others and whatnot, even if they insisted that their post-collegiate, 60s-informed appreciation pre-dated and was somehow more valid then the mainstream, consumer-oriented, TV-Guide style fandom so pervasive amongst viewers like me who actually enjoy explosions and boobs and sports cars and Hot 97 without chalking it all up to irony.

In fact, my horn-rimmed, earth-toned contacts in Bulldawg country not only gushed over the show, they delivered a minor scoop; legendary Athens art-punks Pylon (always and mostly* accurately described as "angular" and "jangly" and best remembered for their contribution to the Athens GA, Inside/Out documentary film) are back together, reunited and it feels so good, but--bigger than that--Pylon drummer Curtis Crowe spends the better part of his time in Hawaii as a set-designer on LOST. Perfunctory internet research confirms the information.

My attempts to contact Curtis in search of spoilers have, so far, gone unanswered.

Pylon - "No Clocks"

*"No Clocks" is about prettiest and least angular song in their catalog, but unless someone wants to start digging thorugh my parents house for old casstte tapes it's the best we're gonna get.
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