Monday, October 03, 2005

Green Monster?

Conflicting geographic loyalties within the plush and expansive Flight 815 offices have made it impossible to reach a consensus as to which fair city, NYC or Boston, the above photograph is a good or bad omen for.

Ducking the question, the only sensible conclusion becomes obvious: Go Bravos! ATL Shawwtty...
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 AM


hey, nice photoshop you idiot. Spend more time analyzing why lockes shoes were in the hatch. This photo is obviously a fake. OOO wow the red sox lifted the curse last year, they are a mystical team and lost's numbers are on the wall!!!! O wait. heres another photo!!!!

I guess 3 out of 6 aint bad!!!!!! wait that wont even win you $5 in the lotto.
The real numbers up there are 1 4 8 9 27 42. As listed on the retired numbers website for the sox
You really expected no red sox fans would come on and realize the greatest red sox player ted williams
no 9 wasnt on there?
Blogger lostaintno24, at 10:07 PM  
I thought that said 'lostlatino24.'

People get jokes.
Blogger Lemon-Red, at 7:41 AM  

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