Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dead Pool

Two and half weeks until "a very special LOST." Who's it gonna be?*

I say Claire. She's served her purpose played her part, and her death ought to be just the boost Charlie needs to hop back atop that white horse and make his galloping return to a Rock & Roll lifestyle**.

*Speculation only, no spoilers please...
**If dude isn't already working on a prog-rock-opera double-LP based upon his island experiences, he should be. That would truly be epic.
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 PM


The idea that they'd kill Claire now that she's pumped out Turniphead is pretty offensive... hopefully Lindelof has a better head on his shoulders than that.
Blogger Tederick, at 4:41 PM  
Not trying to be offensive, just pointing out that pregnant-and-freaking-out to new-mother-and-freaking-out is pretty much the extent of her character's dvlpmnt so far.

At least Shannon digs Arab dudes and feels responsible for the dog.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 5:18 PM  
I guess that shannon is no longer usefull now that she is no longer a burden to her brother !
Now another caracter will be angry and disapointed (Sayid or Charly ??)
Charly would get back on his bad habit and Sayid would go back to war !!!
Blogger jonaspeit, at 1:53 AM  
Shannon's gonna go. I'm almost sure of it. My guess is that she was too busy filming the Fog to squeeze out a new season of Lost, so she gets to join her brother in the afterlost.

--robot mark.
Blogger Mark, at 12:19 PM  
I'm betting Jack. The producers have spent a season and a half telling us how they ALMOST killed Jack in the pilot (instead of jacking the Pilot) ... it would be a major shock to off him now.
Blogger Four-Eight-Fifteen, at 12:48 PM  
I say it's gonna be that new blond broad who used to be on the Drew Carey Show. She seems ripe for tha kill. Just enough time to establish a presence, not enough time to get attatched to anyone. I don't think that they'll waste a big kill so soon in the season, and at a non-crucial time.
Blogger scrotilizr, at 2:30 AM  
talking about crucial time ?
the reunification of both clan (tailies and headies) will be a huge thing... (anybody seen "survivor ?")
They are about to revele some serious stuff...
there are some spoilers in wich you can find who dies next but i'm not sure I am allowed to say it here ! so for the moment I'll just hush...
I need my LOST DOSE !!!!!
; )
Blogger jonaspeit, at 12:03 AM  
I am so torn .. Claire seems like a good idea ... how about Sun ??? or Jin sacrificing himself ??? all possible .. i am getting a bit tired of Micheal .. but I think they need to keep the token black dude ...

I know if I search really hard on the internet, I could find the answer .. but I try to be stronG !!!
Blogger Peter, at 3:13 AM  
Michael's not a token. That's stupid. His "give me back my son!" Mel Gibson steez is getting a little tiresome though.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 11:10 AM  

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