Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Did One Snowman Say to the Other?

Posted by Mr. Babylon, 8:15 PM


man... what this gotta do with lost, f'real?

we need more talk about sharks and stuffedanimal polarbears and how the preview for next week was the greatest 15 seconds of my life and shit...
Blogger Audio Student, at 8:46 PM  
"What did one snowman say to the other?" was the coded question Desmond asked of Locke when trying to discern if Locke was actually "him," whatever that meant. While many feel this was simply standard protocol for Desmond to ask of an expected replacement (and that the answer should have been "Do you smell carrots?"), it is our contention (or sincere hope, at least) that this was a veiled reference to your favorite rapper's favorite rapper (and favorite trapper's favorite trapper,) and that if we are looking for the "others" we will find them on the block disobeying the law.
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 3:47 AM  
OOOOOH, ok.. fair enough, i hate being deaf, i couldnt hear what he said.... i like how the second episode was basically the first episode from different perspectives, for a second i thought they would just do that for a season...how frustratingly awesome would that be, get one flashback and 2 peoples perspectives of that night per episode instead of anything actaulyl happening? mann.. i should just start a thread on hllrbrd instead of adding these silly comments..
Blogger Audio Student, at 12:09 PM  
Your comments are appreciated, and are certainly no sillier than many of our posts. We know you?
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 1:29 PM  
Awesome site.

Turns out if you use the numbers as GPS coordinates, you end up with a very probable location for Some Island.

The comments on that page are worth chceking out, too. I'd forgotten that Hurley once told the snowman joke to Walt. Plus, the lines running around the Dharma logo resemble I Ching symbols.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 PM  

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