Sunday, September 18, 2005

Last season left off with some wild action and high drama, subtly foretold by an eerily apropos Bob Marley song--Walt stolen from a ship, the lid blown off a bottomless pit, limbs made strong by the hand of the almighty, Locke having no fear of the island’s atomic(?) energy…--but were any of our many questions answered?

Not really, but that's the way it goes. The "viewers with control" string us along and along, just not for too long, lest we jump ship.

What’s in the hatch? A ladder. Now where does it go?

What’s the monster? Something mechanical, by the sound of it. But what?

What’s up with the cursed numbers? No clue.

Locke’s prescience? Walt’s Beastmaster steez and backgammon prowess? Nothing doing there either.

Frustrating ain’t it? Fret not, though, if I know anything about television (and I most certainly do not) many of these questions will be answered with the quickness in Season 2, so they can hurry up and throw a bunch more freaky mysteries our way.

So what happens? Don’t ask me, I’ll let you know on Thursday morning. I’ve got a few minor predictions, though.
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