Thursday, September 22, 2005

(eye) M sick?

Let us all bite our tongues in regards to yet another Jackcentric back-story, assume this is going to follow a set-'em-up-and-knock-'em-down format, and marinate on a couple of the tasty morsels JJ and co. did deliver.

The hatch is revealed to be a fly Fuller-ian geodesic-dome bachelor-pad replete with Hi-Fi, excer-cycle, lava lamp, blender, and a network of custom Apple IIs. If only we could all be shitting in such tall cotton.

Our well-appointed hatch's hatch-keeper may or not have in the past performed a miracle on Dr. Jack's behalf, and now appears to be organizing his hood under I-Ching banners.

Vincent the dog--an under-developed character whose back-story I'm now eagerly awaiting (and hoping for "Where the Red Fern Grows"-style tragic action/adventure)--led the newly sympathetic yet still anorexic Shannon to a jungle-vision of Walt channeling Twin Peaks, talking backwards and warning everyone either to "press the button" or not.

What y'all know about that?

Right-click/download for reversed mp3 of Walt's chatterin'.
"Press the button -- the button is bad"?
Posted by Mr. Babylon, 1:51 PM


Edited & added mp3 steez. Cut the volume on the dramatic string sting so as not to bust y'alls earholes.

Shannon is mad responsible now, dude! She, like, learned a lot from Boone's death... and stuff.
Blogger Lemon-Red, at 11:32 AM  
he says "WHERE'S the button"
Blogger J, at 1:57 PM  

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