Thursday, August 11, 2005

I had an anxiety dream last night, like the ones where you have a final exam and you’re so completely unprepared and have been screwing up and cutting class for so long that you can’t even find your classroom, much less pass the test.

In this dream there was a LOST feature-length film showing with some regularity on cable. Inexplicably, since I’m not working right now and have nothing better to do, I kept forgetting to watch it. Every time I saw the preview I made a mental note to be there on my couch at the appointed time, and every time I missed it. At first I was only mildly annoyed, but I soon began to panic. The season premier was approaching rapidly, and I lacked the mental faculty to even watch the fucking movie that bridged the gap between seasons one and two. I woke up in a cold sweat. It was terrifying.

In waking life, fortunately, I’ve been plenty diligent in obsessing over the upcoming season, which in addition to mysterious hatches offers the tantalizing prospect of Michelle Rodriguez doing all sorts of sexy, dangerous, castaway type things.

The folks over at Oceanic Air have been kind enough to feed the beast and string me along a little with a new sneak peak. Clickity-clack on her seat (42F) for that Ana Lucia action.
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Bonus heat!

Click 'Pre-Flight Check-In' and unscramble the anagram 'ETHAN ROM' to read 'OTHER MAN.'
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So fire.
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