Thursday, November 17, 2005

There is something I have to do.

There's too much going on.

While something tells me that I could only be truly happy if Lost was running a 365-episode schedule, the current 24 already seem insufficient. We're only 7 deep, and already there are plots being stacked upon plots, more than could ever possibly be resolved by the spring. At least in the first season, there was a glimmer of hope that we'd know the score. Now, through interviews and intuition, we know that the creators are prepared to let the show run for 10 seasons if the ratings keep up.

The reason I mention all this? The glass eye. I mean, c'mon. Assholes.

With the Hatch out of the picture for the time being -- though the preview shows that we'll be down there next week -- and Locke being relegated to the role of Charlie's Keeper, my fascination has turned to Echo. 815's early posts document the staff's fascination with the man formerly known as Adebisi pretty well; he's just got that presence. Some Echo-centric observations from last night:

- The Others wanted Echo! Obviously, we've seen him to be a stand-up guy, but what do they know about him that makes him "good?"

- We couldn't see what the man was carving into his whuppin' stick, but it's obviously of some import.

- Motherfucker didn't talk for 40 days! How gully is that!? Kinda biblical, too, along with Echo in the white shirt pulling bodies from the water.

Oh, and the 'extended episode' was a sham. Who thought of that shit? Juve?
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Sometimes a glass eye is just a glass eye.
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