Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well then. First impressions.

A lot of interesting (?) science/faith shit going on - Desmond and Locke believing in an all-powerful, life-creating life-ending being with no palpable presence, Dr. Science bein' skeptical. While I fully believe in Babylon's villain theory, Jack was being a douche but then maybe renegged a bit on the douchery in the end. Desmond's "save the world" speech was iffy, and as a big-boned chap, I am deeply insulted by Hurley's quiet awe when he found the pantry, but you know...

So: Desmond wants them to push the button, but Walt says the button is bad?

Could have used more of the Raft Krew, though M.Rod's suckerpunch of Sawyer was stunning and satisfying enough. Even knowing everything we knew, they still had me fooled for a minute.

Re: the preview for next week - JIN SPEAKS ENGLISH?!
Posted by Lemon-Red, 8:15 AM


Isn't it weird that this episode contained so much revelation (kinda), but what really got me all blown up was - exactly like you said - JIN SPEAKS ENGLISH. He hasn't been faking that shit though, or else he would have cracked when telling the dudes about the Others... Hmmm.
Blogger GSB, at 10:16 PM  
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced it's in a dream sequence. If Jin really spoke English, he'd have cracked on the boat or when the "Uhzzahs" captured him. Plus, he's speaking in a flawless accent. I retract my excitement.

Where Claire at? Where Shannon at?
Blogger Lemon-Red, at 11:09 PM  
Was that Shannon with Desmond in the photo on his shelf? It kinda looked like her... Maybe it was Jack's 'ol wife...
Blogger GSB, at 4:01 PM  
It's not Shannon. Don't think it's Jack's girl either.
Who dat?
Blogger Mr. Babylon, at 7:52 PM  
I'll add my feelings that the biggest part of this episode was next week's preview. It just hit me like a freight train -- JIN SPEAKS ENGLISH?! Although my sister says this was touched on briefly (must've been really briefly) in an episode from Season 1.
Blogger Metamorphosis of Life, at 4:03 PM  

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