Monday, September 19, 2005


Step up your afropick game - Adebisi is coming round the mountain as he comes.

The trading cards that came with my last issue of EW put Rose on the same page as Matty Fox and "The Numbers," coding that the struggle between her and her husband Bernard will be a focal point for Season 2. Good. Because for a minute I thought she was gonna get less love than S. Epatha Merkerson at a Law & Order fan convention. ("Help me! Lord, help me!")

The object of her tortured affection: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Lemon-Red, who points out that Sam "It'll get you drunk" Jackson was originally slated for the role, worries that our boy Adebisi is too young, but there's no more creased visage on television today. Well, that's not wholly true, but what is true is that even when he's acting normal, Adebisi looks ravaged. No spry island-jamming here - He's probably pulling the weight of Sawyer, Jack and Michael over on the other side of the island, while Ana Lucia works on a Rambo tan.

(Also, n.b. - excellent cross-promo for his role as Bill Duke's tough in Get Rich Or Die Tryin', where he rocks the disco gangster style 20 years late and presumably ends up on the wrong side of Curtis Jackson's snubnose.)
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