Thursday, September 22, 2005

Check your batteries.

Of course, someone beat me to this: head over to our pals Music for Robots to download everyone's favorite hatch jam, posted below in a show of solidarity and convenience, and not as any form of biter-dom. (Lord knows they get 50,000 hits a day to our 12.) Like Mark said, it's a particularly inspired piece of music direction, and is really pretty ballsy when you consider the fact that they could have gotten a hefty chunk of change for having Desmond rock the new, I dunno, Interpol single or something.

Mama Cass Elliot - "Make Your Own Kind of Music"

And lest it get bumped down and forgotten, here's Walt's krazy backward-talk, reversed for your listening pleasure, with the DRAMATIC MUZIKS racheted down a notch, so as to not blow our yr earholes. So: what button? What conflict is this setting the new, responsible Shannon up for? And if the button's bad, why's Young Wally Gator telling her to (ahh ooh) push it? The world may never know. At least for like 15 more episodes.

Young Drippy practices his cover of Radiohead's "Like Spinning Plates."

Late-breaking theory! I take back my "no endorsements" talk: maybe Walter is hocking the latest Chemical Brothers album?
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